We offer expertise in international private banking, doing business offshore and cross border transactions, with a focus in Latin America and Europe. We also provide assistance with:

  • Operational Risk Program Controls Development, Enhancement and Testing

  • Compliance reviews and training on Regulation R, Regulation S, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Anti Bribery Regulation

  • Correspondent Bank/Foreign Financial Institution AML and Due Diligence Reviews

  • Assistance in discreetly conducting internal Investigations of fraud, embezzlement, theft, employee dishonesty, Insider Trading, customer complaints involving large losses, or other sensitive matters:

    • Conduct in depth investigation,  review of pertinent records and interviews with key employees
    • Prepare detailed report of findings and exhibits that organize and consolidate data and support conclusions
    • Identify extent of losses and assets that may be recovered
    • Provide recommendations for implementation of appropriate controls to prevent a recurrence
    • Assistance as required, with notification and filing of reports with regulatory authorities and law enforcement
  • Assistance with Regulatory Look Backs and Remediations:

    • Implementation of regulatory look backs and remediation mandate action plan
    • Ongoing assessment and reporting to counsel, senior management and regulators, as required


V&V Consulting is not a law or accounting firm and therefore, we do not render legal, or accounting advice.